DUMPLING CUSHION, vintage textile, medium

Faded Olive cotton with metallic gold stripes and threading

Shown in size Medium.  (For how we measure, please see large Dumpling in black and white photo)

Size Medium: 16" x 8"

Dimensions are approximate due to the organic shape, filling, and handmade nature of pieces

Made from collected hand-loomed, woven-strip vintage cloths from west Africa

These are classic Yoruba textiles made to be worn on very special formal occasions

Filled with organic buckwheat hulls

Made from vintage and wholly artisanal materials.  There are variations in color, weave, and in some cases, signs of former wear
This is considered inherent to the nature of these cloths and a great part of their charm and uniqueness

One-of-a-kind but all made from the material shown in photos 

Made in California

Please allow two to four weeks to ship



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