One of our earliest designs which we make very occasionally when time allows
The Beldi is a special part of the story of S. Nova... It was the beginning of our love of sharing Poufs with the world!
Inspired by the spirit of street markets around the globe.  In Moroccan Arabic, beldi  refers to the traditional, humble, handmade, upcycled
Our BELDI sugar pouf is made with lovingly collected vintage Moroccan sugar bags
Blue and white cotton.  Navy blue suede piping
Very firm, ideal as seating or as soft-textured coffee table

Lined in heavy canvas, filled with nearly fifty pounds of organic buckwheat hulls
Diameter 30" diameter x 13" h.
Dimensions are approximate due to the organic shape and handmade nature of pieces
Made in California



made in los angeles

free shipping within the 48 states

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