DUMPLING CUSHION in organic hemp, medium

Dumpling Cushion in organic hemp

Size Medium: 16" x 8"
Dimensions are approximate due to the organic shape, filling, and handmade nature of pieces
Filled with organic buckwheat hulls

We source hemp cloth, sometimes woven with a small amount of organic cotton, that is hand-spun and hand-woven in Romanian villages from immaculately preserved vintage yarn.  The cloth is then naturally bleached with local wood ash and sunshine, giving it the lighter tone shown on our pieces as well as its softened aspect

Hemp is one of Romania's richest cultural heritages, with evidence of its use in the area going back over five thousand years.  The tradition of growing it on small farms and weaving it by hand has endured in the face of unstoppable global industrialization

We love this strong and humble cloth, and find it pairs with the Dumpling Cushion in a most natural way

Made from vintage and wholly artisanal materials.  There are slight variations in tone and in weave

This is considered inherent to the nature of these cloths and a great part of their charm and uniqueness

Limited quantities

Please allow 4-8 weeks once our current inventory is out of stock

Made in California

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