DUMPLING CUSHIONS, shelter half canvas

Made from vintage, circa-1960s military shelter halves, or tents. Ours are mostly from Switzerland and occasionally from France or Poland

Olive cotton canvas.  Dumplings made from these strong cloths have great character, and will sometimes have small mended areas with hand-sewing

We use nearly every part of these rare shelter halves, and incorporate the existing stitching in a way that is naturally suited to these unique pieces

Filled with organic buckwheat hulls

Size Small: 13" x 6.5"

Size Medium: 16" x 8"
Size Large: 20" x 10"

As these are made from vintage fabrics, there are variations in color, weave, and in some cases, gentle signs of former wear

This is considered inherent to the nature of these materials and a great part of their charm and uniqueness

Dimensions are approximate due to the organic shape and handmade nature of pieces


Made in California 

Please allow three to four weeks to ship

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