WARM/COOL PILLOW, cherry pit filling

Fabric: Soft Coral Stripe Linen

Our WARM/COOL PILLOW is inspired by the age-old Swiss custom of keeping cleaned, sun-dried cherry stones from summer to fill small pillows for the winter. Traditionally, these were then heated in cast iron pans and used for warming up, and for therapeutic purposes.

Our pillows warm up in the oven (or microwave) to provide some love and healing to the body, and to keep beds warm on a cool night... Once warmed, they continue to release a soft, nutty aroma.

The pillows can also be kept in the freezer if what ails needs some cold pressure instead.

Filled with only US-grown, natural cherry pits

Size Small: 6.5” x 8.5”
Size Large: 8” x 11”

Dimensions are approximate due to the organic shape and handmade nature of pieces.

For care and instructions on how to use, please read here.

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